Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let the Rain Come Down

Here in Louisville on the feast of Saint John Mary Vianney (Jean Marie), the 150th Anniversary of his entrance into eternal life on August 4th, the heavens opened and more rain poured down in one hour than had ever happened in this city (since records have been kept). At one point, I looked out my parish office window and saw a dove perched on the roof of our church. I took it as a sign of hope that the rains were ending (thank you Noah). A short while later and a second dove joined the first and I thought, "Oh no, this might just be the beginning."

In a certain sense (minus the hardship to so many who suffered damage, including my parish), the deluge made a connection for me to this Year for Priests. Water is such a rich symbol of creation, re-creation, transition, and transformation that it is was a powerful reminder for me of two aspects of this Year. First was to be washed clean, freed from sin and failure, purified. Second was the outpouring love and grace of God. To be formed in the image of Christ, I need to both turn away from sin and be open to the outpouring of God's Grace. I suppose that in general, I am also reminded of the immensity of God's love and providence in the face of what little I can truly do. During the storm, my effort amounted to trying to keep one small drain free of debris so that the basement wouldn't flood. What is that in comparison to God's overflowing provision?

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