Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog changes

Our blog has went without updates for awhile and for good reason. When Fr. Jeff Shooner started the blog, he was in a different position in the Vocation Office and was pastor of St. Lawrence parish. Since the last post, he has been appointed Vicar for Priests along with Vocation Director. He is also the Sacramental Moderator for St. Boniface. Changes were also made in the Vocation Office as administrative assistant Brenda Gaffney retired and the office experienced some reorganization. Current Vocation Office staff include Linda Banker as Associate Director for Formation and Carrie Williamson as Associate Director for Vocations.

All that being said, it's time to blow the dust off the blog. In the upcoming months, we will be featuring our seminarians as they blog about their lives and experiences in formation. We will also periodically talk about the happenings of the Vocation Office. We can also be followed at Facebook at and on Twitter @ArchlouVocation.

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