Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pastel Shades of Red and Blue: The Easter Season and Looking Ahead

He is Risen! This message of joy concluded our observance of the events during the Triduum.

I spent the Triduum here in Wisconsin participating in services at St. Gregory the Great (Milwaukee) and at St. Mary’s (Hales Corners). Easter brunch plans were changed from the Polonez to Mader’s, a German restaurant in Milwaukee, which featured delicious and bountiful food as well as great fellowship. Tuesday, April 11 marked a return to classes following conclusion of the seminary’s Easter break, with a “full-court press” now underway to conclude the semester.

And, speaking of full-court presses, congratulations to Big Blue Nation! The tourney was followed closely by my fellow Commonwealth brethren (at this and other seminaries) and myself who, despite any Red/Blue divides, joined together on April 2 in cheering for a Cats victory. If only our country’s political Blue/Red divisions could be settled in such an amicable manner?!

Red and Blue affiliations will also come together when Nick Brown, Chris Lubecke, and myself are ordained as transitional deacons for the Archdiocese of Louisville on April 28 at St. Barnabas parish. Nick, Chris and I were selected as seminarians for the Archdiocese of Louisville in 2007, so, it is appropriate that the three of us approach the opportunity to serve as deacons at the same time. The three individuals scheduled to receive Holy Orders in May (Stuart Priddy and David Carr in 2007 and Christopher Rhodes in 2006) also began their Archdiocese-sponsored studies during the same time period.

Perhaps this recounting is a way of reminding myself---and, indeed, all of us---that vocational calls bear fruit when they are supported and nurtured. Father Bill Bowling, now with St. Augustine in Lebanon, was the Vocation Director for the Archdiocese when Nick, Chris, Stuart, David and I joined the program. Thank you, Father Bill, for seeing the promise in each of us and for your support through the challenges of seminary formation. And, of course, many thanks to Father Jeff Shooner, the Vocation Director since 2010 for your equally vital and affirming assistance!

With the reality of spring, and the approach of the Derby, comes the realization that “all things are possible.” Take some time today to enjoy the wonder of the outdoors---I will be doing the same in what (should be) the first in a series of snow-less months here in Wisconsin!


Steven Henriksen

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