Monday, April 30, 2012

On Tuesday, April 24, I made “deacon promises.” This set of public professions is preparatory to the rite of ordination as a deacon. The three oaths or affirmations in which I will engage are: 1) an Oath of Freedom and Knowledge; 2) an Oath of Fidelity; and 3) a Profession of Faith.

Service is the essential feature of the role of a deacon, either permanent or transitional. This responsibility is, of course, not unique to deacons. All of the baptized are called to ministry of performing works of mercy and charity.

It seems to me that a servant heart is formed in many ways but, most especially, through the continuous process of interior change (conversion) to which God calls all of us. My own ongoing development of a servant heart has been an integral part of this journey as a seminarian. For the permanent deacon, that servant heart may be played out in roles as a father, husband, worker or neighbor. For myself, the quest for a servant heart will extend, God willing, through ordination and service as a priest: a father to others; a spouse of the Church; and a worker for Christ.

A deacon connects the gifts of the altar with the service of others, particularly the poor. My own servant heart-in-process is overflowing with great joy in anticipating the Rite of Ordination as a Deacon on Saturday, April 28 at St. Barnabas Church in Louisville.

My next and final blog entry will recap reflections resulting from the events of April 28. At that time, I will also officially “hand off” my duties as your friendly local seminarian blogger to another man (to be announced---drum roll, please!). Until then...


Steven Henriksen

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