Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Severe Spiritual Storm Warning

We have become so familiar with the image of thunderstorms approaching Louisville. Because of great advancements in computer modeling and radar imagery, we receive many of these warning several days in advance of threatening weather. We are given so much time to prepare for the arrival to protect our families.

This week, I have found myself digging out of a Spiritual Thunderstorm. The interesting connection is that I didn't receive any advance warning and did not realize the storm until I finally realized what was happening and asked the LORD for help and assistance. But, however, I have noticed that I am beginning to realize the storminess much more quickly.

Before this year, I would have found myself trying to do everything to get MYSELF back on track. I thought that I could always do something to get MYSELF back on track. Right there is the source of my difficulty. I had failed to ask the LORD for the help to return to him.

I am reminded of the apostles being afraid and waking up Jesus as they are on the stormy sea. (Mark 4:38). The apostles, while their faith was weak, still had some confidence that Jesus could help them, if only they ask. We should always ask for assistance the instant that we realize that our Spiritual Storm is approaching or is upon us. Jesus is always there and with us, waiting to assist and be with us at our most trying times.

I was so touched by the Third Antiphon from the Saturday Week 3 Daytime prayer which reminded me and comforted me: "When you heart is torn with grief, the LORD is near you." May the LORD continue to be near to you. Praise him in the good times and ask for strength in the difficult times. Amen.

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