Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How Do Priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters and Permanent Deacons, in Their Life and Ministry, Bring Christ to Others?

Religious people bring Christ to others through their example. Those people who were called to the religious life show us examples of Christ daily. They don’t show prejudice, regardless of what one’s reputation may be. They give people countless chances to show who they really are.

Religious people forgive others and priests help us with confession to resolve situations in which we’ve sinned and restore our relationship with God. They teach us examples of prayer and how we can become closer to God and make it our life’s mission to live as Jesus’ disciples. They send a message to people in mass or give advice to people that Christ would have given them. Religious people help society as a whole; not just certain social groups. They help the people in pain, suffering, struggling, and those who can’t handle themselves. Through their actions, generations of people see God and are inspired. When they grow older, because they were inspired, those people will become priests, deacons, sisters and people of belief. The faith of God will never die down because of these religious people who are spreading Christianity.

Religious people also go out of their comfort zone, acknowledge the problems our world faces, and try to fix it as Jesus did. They think violence is the last resort and that there’s always a better way to go. They treat all of God’s creations, (people, animals, plants, nature and the entire world), with respect and they know no matter the differences, each life God created is special and should be treated with respect. Through all of their actions, bystanders can see Christ working through them. Religious people’s devotion is so strong that regardless of other people’s criticisms and actions, religious people will do what is morally just.
Today's blog is the 3rd place winning essay in the Vocation Awareness Essay Contest, co-sponsored by the Serra Club and the Archdiocese of Louisville Vocation Office.  Our author is Sydney Blandford.  Sydney is in the 8th grade at St. Andrew Academy. She is the daughter of Joe and Stephanie Blandford.  Her home parish is St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  Congratulations, Sydney!

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