Tuesday, November 13, 2012


In each of the priest's Liturgy of the Hours books, there is a poetry section that allows for reflection on the word of God in multiple ways. I have to admit that I have not used many of the poems in the back for prayer and reflection. But, the other day before evening prayer, I was compelled to go to that section. I turned to the following poem by Joseph Mary Plunkett which has provided me with a couple thoughts that I would like to share:

I Saw the Sun at Midnight, Rising Red

I saw the Sun at Midnight, rising red,
Deep-hued yet glowing, heavy with the stain
Of blood-compassion, and I saw it gain
Swiftly in size and growing till It spread
Over the stars; the heavens bowed their head
As from Its heart slow dripped a crimson rain,
Then a great tremor shook It, as of pain---
The night fell, moaning, as It hung there dead.

O Sun, O Christ, O bleeding Heart of flame!
Thou giv'st Thine agony as our life's worth,
And mak'st infinite, lest we have dearth
Of nights wherewith to call upon thy Name;
Thou pawnest Heaven as a pledge for Earth,
And for our glory sufferest all shame.

(1) blood-compassion: The compassion that Jesus has for us is beyond any human comprehension. That compassion was shown for us in the gift of the Incarnation, Jesus coming to us...us....me and you....to release us from the sins of our own choices and return us back to the Heavenly Kingdom

(2) heavens bowed their head: I imagine all the host of Heaven in agony but knowing the the plan of God will prevail.

(3) our life's worth: God treats us as His children, his very own. He restores and gives our life such immense worth that He sends His own Son to reform our nature.

(4) a great tremor shook: All of creation moaned and groaned at the crucifixion. One might think of this moaning as terrible and a loss. But, it could be creation moaning at the fact that the great pain is now reversed and life begins again in Christ

(5) of nights to call upon your name: Not one of us knows how many nights and days that we have remaining in our Earthly journey. Whatever ones we have left should try to remember the great gift of Jesus Christ.

I have returned to this poem several times this week and have seen things from many different angles. Something different hits me each time and in a different way. May the Lord continue to bless each one of us and lead us on our own journey. May we be granted more courage to follow. Amen.

Picture Credit: http://www.rc.net/wcc/ireland/plunkt10.htm

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